Project title: Juventus Stadium 2.0
Customer: Juventus F.C. S.p.A
Years: from 2016 onwards
Case study: Juventus Stadium
Team: Matteo Del Giudice, Andrea Barbero
Students: Sabrina Bertona, Andrea Barbero, Massimiliano Serra, Lorenzo Iaconinoto, Riccardo Rausa, Monica Dettori, Riccardo Vergari, Xhembulla Laert, Masoni Giorgio, Campanella Luana, Viale Riccardo
Partners: none

This research aims at enhancing the added value of BIM methodology when it is applied to complex buildings; the case study of the project is the Juventus stadium in Turin. The main goal is to realize a BIM model useful for the operational phase of the building lifecycle, in order to reduce waste in terms of time and costs. Several technologies, such as AR and VR, will be used for maintenance activities as well as events or other activities.