drawingTOthefuture is a laboratory of research and teaching at “Politecnico di Torino” (Department of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering). The key words of the research carried out are BIM (as having the dual meaning of/considered with the double meaning of Building Information Model and Modelling), GIS (Geographic Information System), InteroperabilityFM (Facility Management), 3D printingVideo EditingVirtual and Augmented Reality.
The research field is wide, but the focus is on the built environment, starting from the concept that “knowing is the premise to managing”.

The greatest challenge facing the researchers of the laboratory, coordinated by Professor Anna Osello, is to collect and represent all possible information on an architectural artefact, city or territory and to optimize the data management process. The researchers of the drawingTOthefuture pursue a multidisciplinary-oriented approach, using innovative tools and methods, in order to identify effective and efficient solutions.
The weaknesses have to become strengths through the research process, by investigating, testing and developing solutions able to anticipate the “needs of the future”, starting from a detailed knowledge of the past and present.