CANP (la CAsa Nel Parco)

The project proposes solutions for e-health in the management of health processes, telemedicine and telemonitoring, in order to support the accessibility and interoperability of health information and services, the decentralization of care, the rationalization of resources and the improvement of care pathways. The main focus of the project is Home Hospitalization (HOS) in the context of the near future of the two Health and Research and Innovation Parks of Turin and Novara. The opportunity to work and develop cutting-edge technologies for two future large high-intensity hospitals, allows to rethink the SRO model already from the design phase of the hospitals and their clinical processes and pathways and to contextualize it in the system of health services of the territory.

In the outlined scenario, Building Information Modelling, combined with Virtual and Augmented Reality, represents a technological frontier for the healthcare sector and a challenge for the future. The need to manage information flows both in the field of knowledge of the built heritage and in the therapeutic field requires important methodological changes based on the ability to work in an interdisciplinary way, thinking in an innovative way to the professions of the future. The goal is to bring together two souls. One is related to the ability to model and manage large amounts of heterogeneous data, related to the built heritage at building, urban and territorial scales – using BIM for management and maintenance. The other is related to the ability to take care of people who for different diseases and reasons have to spend long periods in health facilities or in their homes – using virtual and augmented reality for cyber-rehabilitation and entertainment.


The project CANP won the award “Piemonte Innovazione e Ricerca 2020”!