Project title: HBIM for Facility Management
Customer: Manital
Years: 2017-2018
Case study: Castle of Parella
Team: Greta Lucibello
Students: Marco Piovano, Gian Luca Regis, Salvatore Lauria, Tiziano Tarantino
Partners: none
The case study of this project is the Castle of Parella, in the province of Turin. The main objective is the development of a BIM model for the Facility Management (FM); for this reason, the part related to mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems has been analyzed in-depth. The evolution of the building over the years has been represented using simplified masses. In the creation of the HBIM model, particular attention was paid to the correct definition of vaults families, in order to be able to describe the correct typology and to be “adapted” to the different dimensions and shapes of the rooms. Another goal of the project is the development of Augmented and Virtual Reality applications for maintainers’ professional training and for data visualization in general.