Project title: Energy Park
Customer: IREN
Years: 2014-2018
Case study: Lago Teleccio
Team: Aitana Marcos, Niccolò Rapetti, Arianna Fonsati
Students: Michele Prono, Simona Barone, Fabrizio Tabacchi, Davide Castignone, Damiano Federico, Monica Genito, Luca Migliorini, Nevena Sreckovic, Giulia Laura Suardi, Ekaterina Vernezi, Danilo Francioso, Matteo Piano
Partners: none

The Energy Park is a project that aims at providing new approaches to face depopulation, lack of attractiveness and isolation of mountain and rural areas; it involves several partners: IREN and Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso. The area of interest is the Orco and Soana valleys in the north-western Piedmont. The main goal is to develop innovative solutions to reassess and strengthen the mountain areas taking into account the peculiar elements that characterize the Orco Valley.  The starting point for the revitalization of the area is one of the old buildings linked to the hydroelectric plants, now abandoned: the Teleccio dam area.