Title of project: The Energy Park
Period: 2015

The Energy Park projectin Orco Valley (in Piedmont, Italy) is intended to spread a correct culture about use and production of energy from the territory, connecting the nodes of the Energy Grid as a “distributed open-air museum” on the territory using Augmented Reality (AR), smart phone and tablet applications as communication tools. To assess the impact of such a form of smart energy grid on the society needs, the possibility of using the Energy Park for fulfilling the mobility needs of Park inhabitants as well as tourists will be investigated. In the use case we intend to investigate, the Energy Nodes belong to a Smart Mobility infrastructure that powers and coordinates the operations of electrified vehicles. A scenario will be investigated where two types of mobility needs are at stake:
• The needs of local residents that travel mostly inside the Park, with limited travels outside the Park.
• The needs of tourists that mainly travel to and from the Park, with limited travels inside the Park.
Both scenarios will be investigated to identify the smart mobility infrastructure as well as the vehicle types that best fit the scenario peculiarities. The foreseen outcomes will include ICT aspects, electrified vehicle aspects, logistic aspects, and territory planning aspects. Moreover, the Energy Nodes must be integrated with a grid of existing and new  farms, B&Bs and restaurants where it is possible to enjoy the pleasures of traditional cuisine that uses local products.