Student: Francesca Maria Ugliotti
Title of thesis: “BIM and Facility Management for smart data management and visualization”
PhD Program: Urban and Regional Development
Cycle: XXX
Tutor: Prof. Anna Osello

BIM is for all buildings. As a disruptive technology, BIM completely changes the traditional way of working of the Construction Industry, starting from the design stage. However, the challenging issue is to establish a framework that brings together methods and tools for the buildings lifecycle, focusing on the existing buildings management. Smart city means smart data, including, therefore, intelligent use of Real Estate information. Involving Facility Management in the process is the key to ensure the availability of the proper dataset of information, supporting the idea of a BIM-based knowledge management system. According to this approach, BIM Management is achievable applying a reverse engineering process to guarantee the BIM effectiveness and to provide Facility 4.0 smart services.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling, Smart data management, Interoperability, Facility Management, Systems Integration, Cadastre of the Future, BIM Management.

Student: Matteo Del Giudice
Title of thesis: 
“Smart data management with BIM for Architectural Heritage”
PhD Program: 
Ricerca in Innovazione Tecnologica per l’Ambiente Costruito
Tutor: Prof. Anna Osello

Currently, the refurbishment of existing buildings through the use of Innovation Technology (IT) is one of the most investigated research fields in the building industry. This issue is strictly related the data management that can be improved with the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) as an innovative methodology for the optimization of the building process concerning to the renovation of the existing buildings focusing on energy saving, maintenance, etc. In these terms, interoperability between software and professionals is becoming fundamental expecially regarding to the data sharing issue. So, this thesis aimed at highlight the optimization of data management with BIM, evaluating the role of multidisciplinarity, starting from the urban scale arriving to the building scale, considering different kinds of architectural heritage.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling, Interoperability, smart data management, LODs, 3D parametric model.